About Vogt-Plastic

Josef Vogt founded the company Vogt-Plastic in 1978 in his garage. This is how the history of our company first began with the manufacturing of technical plastic components and profile sections as a classic plastics processor. Today, we produce pure regranulates replacing virgin plastic out of mixed and contaminated plastic packaging.

This is how our focus has moved towards the recycling of plastics. As a family business with 300 employees, we produce approx. 85,000 tons of regranulate per year. Today, his sons, Andreas and Dominik, manage the business.

Our roots in the Black Forest

Safeguarding the natural environment was something that inspired people in the southern Black Forest when they confronted us during the mid-Eighties with the call to recycle used packaging. Supported by a fantastic willingness to collect from the population and with the help of youth groups, the Federation of German Friends of the Earth (BUND), local retailers and the Breisgaumilch dairy, a prototype of what has become a matter of course throughout Europe today was created in our home country as early as 1987: The recycling of used packaging.

Our four sites

Our company headquarters is located in Rheinfelden am Hochrhein. Other sites are in Rickenbach and Rickenbach-Hottingen in the southern Black Forest and in Premnitz in Havelland.

We have not forgotten our past

Our priority regarding the high quality of our resin is based on our tradition of plastic processing. To us, high resin-quality means:

  • Intensive washing 
  • Uncompromising separation technology 
  • Professional processing in extruders with degassing and state-of-the-art melt filtration 
  • Homogenisation and testing of large resin batches 
  • Documentation of quality with quality-certificates

Our vision for the future

We want to perfect the recycling of used pack­aging and similar waste from house­holds by pre­paring the raw materials used for this purpose for reuse. We do not accept any loss of raw materials. Our model for quality is the new product.

Hand in hand with our partners

We want to develop a close technical dialogue with the people who produce end products on plastic processing machines using our resin. This is the best way for us to determine most precisely where there is still potential for quality improvements. In addition, we aim to be an honest and reliable partner to our customers and suppliers. We will work towards sustaining long-term partnerships with the aim of maximising our joint knowledge and expertise.

We create new plastics

In nature, the recycling of substances is a matter of course and has no alternative. "Create new" stands for the philo­sophy of trans­for­ming the waste of our society into its raw materials. In this way we bring our modern way of life a little closer to nature and make it more bearable for our planet. Our re­gra­nu­lates have the potential to re­place new plastics in a 1:1 ratio in many applications.

Unlike virgin material, how­ever, they are not made from crude oil but from pack­aging waste. The trans­port and, above all, process energy re­quired for this is consider­able, but far less than the energy needed to produce new goods from crude oil. There­fore, the CO2 footprint is only about 1/3 of the virgin material and at the same time helps to avoid moun­tains of waste. For this reason, the products manu­factured from our regra­nu­lates can be labelled with the "Blauer Engel" environ­mental label.

"Blauer Engel" eco-label

Learn more about the world's most famous eco-label and gain an insight into the actions of the Blue Angel.